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The Procedure Process
Before the procedure, the specialist evaluates the hair structure, skin prototype and chooses the most suitable laser power.
Prior to the procedure, the nozzle is disinfected.
Afterward, the specialist applies a special gel to ensure a better sliding of the machine and starts the procedure.
The procedure takes between 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the area.
After the procedure, the specialist applies panthenol for better skin recovery.
We use the latest Diode Laser in our studios as it proved to be the most effective laser for hair removal and continues to be a leader among the rest of hair removal machines.

The laser hair removal in LASER ZONA is:
  • Painless;
  • Fast;
  • Effective;
Works on all hair types, including blond hair with pigment.
Works on all skin tones, including dark skin and tanned.
Free from side effects.

    We use Triple Wave Diode Laser
    Lumenis LightSheer ET is a premium diode laser. It is called "gold standard" laser hair removal. We offer to use the world's best achievements of the American corporation Coherent.

    Advantages of LightSheer ET:
    • Painless
    • Fast
    • Allows to carry out procedure in the most hard-to-reach places
    • The procedure can be applied to any skin phototype
    • Fights both dark and light true hair
    • Removes blood vessels, helps in the treatment of acne
    • Shows anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect
    Lumenis LightSheer ET
    We guarantee the safety
    of the procedure
    Work with a sterile trimmer
    Water-based contact gel, hypoallergenic
    Only disposable consumables
    After every procedure, the laser handpiece is disinfected
    Welcome to the best Laser Hair Removal Studio, where a team of professionals will turn your laser hair removal session into a real Spa procedure. Not only our salons are very cozy, but they also won the hearts of hundreds of clients.

    All our employees have a medical education, and every day turn our clients' dreams of having smooth and flawless skin into a reality.

    Our main goal is to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere during your visit, filled with positive emotions. We are looking forward to seeing you in Laser Zona studios!

    Doctor dermatologist, cosmetologist, and laser specialist.
    Doctor cosmetologist.
    Doctor cosmetologist, laser specialist.
    Ahalaia Alina Rinosievna
    Shchogol Yulia Yurievna
    Grebonos Daria Sergeevna
    Our Staff

    All employees in our studio are attentive and caring and always work on achieving excellent results.
    In 2019 I graduated from Odessa Medical University with the degree of Dermatovenerology.

    In 2018 took a course in classic and injection cosmetology at the Aesthetic Consilium School in Kyiv, and realized that this is what I want to do.

    Safety and efficiency are my priorities in work, and I regularly gain more knowledge and improve my skills. I love to help people become healthier, happier, and more beautiful.

    I finished courses in Aesthetic and Instrumental Cosmetology in "Aspazia" school in Odessa.

    In 2021 I graduated from Pylyp Orlyk International Classical University with the specialty "Pharmacy" and "Industrial Pharmacy".

    Safety, integrity, and thoroughness are the main things for me in my work.

    I absolutely love what I am doing, and I never stop improving my knowledge and skills. It is important for me that my clients are healthy, well-cared for, and happy with themselves.

    Danilenko Viktoria Igorevna
    Doctor cosmetologist.
    2014 – Odessa Regional Basic Medical College, specialty "Nursing".
    2020 – Bogomolets National Medical University, specialty "General Medicine".

    In the last year of university, I decided to learn more about cosmetology.

    "Laser Hair Removal" Certificate
    "Lip Contouring" Certificate
    "Cosmetic" Certificate

    Currently, I work in Laser Zona studio, which is constantly developing, in my favorite city Odessa.

    "You don't have to look younger than your age, you can just look great at your age."

    I am a certified specialist with a medical background. I graduated from Odessa Regional Basic Medical College in 2013. In 2019 I graduated from the National University of Pharmacy in Kharkiv.

    I worked in the medical field for more than 8 years. I thought about becoming a cosmetologist for the first time during my student years and right after graduation, I took courses in classical and instrumental cosmetology. I always try to attend different seminars, improving my current knowledge and skills.

    Doctor - cosmetologist, laser specialist.
    Doctor - cosmetologist, laser specialist.
    Boyko Anna Mikhailovna
    Krasnova Anastasia Ruslanovna
    I have 6 years of study at the Odessa National Medical University, which I graduated in 2019. As a student, she worked at Odrex Medical House for 2 years. While studying at the institute, I realized that I want to connect my life with the beauty industry, and in particular with cosmetology.

    From 2019 to 2021 passed an internship in the specialty "Dermatovenereology"
    As an intern physician, she took courses at the same time, where she acquired the profession of "Cosmetologist". At the same time, she received her internship diploma and started actively looking for work.

    «y a lucky coincidence, I saw an advertisement in the studio "Laser Zona", where I came for an interview and after successfully completing an internship, I got down to work.

    From my youth I loved to study, to learn something new and at the present time I do not change my habits, traditions and continue to improve myself and study new methods and techniques.
    Yurchuk Ivanna Ivanovna
    Doctor - cosmetologist, laser specialist.
    In 2014 - Odessa Regional Basic Medical School, specialty "Nursing".
    In 2017 she graduated from the Nikolaev basic medical college, specialty: "nursing".
    She worked in the gynecological department of 1 maternity hospital, in 2020 she completed courses in special training at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences with a degree in Cosmetology.

    In the same year she started working at LaserZona! Laser specialist and beautician.

    I invite you to visit our studios, we will help you to love yourself, because there is no need for a reason! You just need the right approach, I will help you become more self-confident, beauty!
    From the first day in medicine, I realized that this is my path. In 2014, having received a medical diploma as a paramedic, I began to work at the Regional Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in the laboratory
    "Especially dangerous infections". In the future, I mastered massage, the next step was to receive a state diploma in cosmetology. Over time, she reinforced her knowledge by completing the basic course at the center
    "Aesthetic cosmetology".

    I have been practicing in the beauty field for about 5 years. All this time, I continue to persistently move up, systematically improve my experience and knowledge by participating in international conferences and seminars. I know hardware and aesthetic, as well as injection cosmetology techniques, selection of home care.

    I am for naturalness and harmony.
    Our studio address

    Segedskaya street, 3
    phone: +380 63 838 00 83

    Ekaterininskaya street, 48
    phone: +380 50 620 62 48

    Akademika Koroleva street, 49
    phone: +380 95 929 55 60


    Nikolskaya street, 51/27
    phone: +380 95 035 98 68

    Central avenue, 191
    phone: +380 95 613 70 22

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